The Hillside Backpacker has been converted to a full-scale weekly newsletter with the first issue due out on Thursday, September 12th! Look for it in the inbox of the e-mail address that you supplied to the Niskayuna School District upon registering your child for school. If you would like the Hillside Backpacker to be sent to an additional or a different e-mail address, or if you don't receive a copy, contact us at, or click on "contact us" on the left side of this page. Please give us specific instructions on what change you would like to make ("This is Mary Smith, mother of Lou Smith. Please do not use the address Please replace with"), and we will process the change within 1 week of receiving the request. If you receive the Hillside Backpacker and decide that you no longer want it delivered to your inbox, please look at the bottom of the e-mail and follow the directions to unsubscribe.