School Banking Program

$chool Banking

Are you interested in teaching your children financial literacy skills at an early age? Children who learn to save today will be more likely to make wise savings and investment decisions in the future. Hillside has partnered with First NY Federal Credit Union to offer the KID$ Investing Dollars $avings Program.

This is a great program that will allow your child to learn the importance of savings and have the opportunity to earn rewards for their efforts. It’s a win/win!

· When: Every Friday Morning beginning September 25th

· Where: Hillside School Lobby

· Time: 7:45-8:15am

Welcome packets and account applications will be sent home with each child this week. Please consider having your child bank at school. It’s a great way to learn to save money and requires a deposit of as little as 25 cents per week! To help get students started with their new membership, the first $5.00 is matched. For every additional deposit made students earn rewards including:

· A fun prize for every 4th deposit

· A Regal movie ticket for every 15th deposit

· A reward of $5 for every report card

· Other incentives throughout the school year

If you have any questions or would consider volunteering to help with this important PTO program, please contact Wendi Solomon-Nish at 377-9371