Fall Social

(Photos and event recap) What a beautiful night for the Hillside Community to come together and celebrate Fall and the return to school! The Fall Social featured a warm and cloudless Friday night- tug-o-war, sack races, kickball, tire rolls, and other games. To get into the spirit of Fall, talented parents and teachers embellished young faces with beautiful artwork. And parents, teachers, staff, and children enjoyed great conversation along with snacks of apples and cider donuts.

The PTO would like to thank Chairperson Jean Foti for all of her hard work organizing the event. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped Jean by painting faces, handing our refreshments, and running the games.

*Thanks to Volunteers: Amanda Zenner and Todd Rowe, Chris Foti, Brian Riordan, John Splendido, Rebecca Mason, Larry Quinn, Kelly Lephart, Nicole Swinton, Steve Swinton, Ranya Palmer, Katie Beltramo, Tasha Fergurson, Chris Hazard, Dawn Allen, Ken Choi, Melissa Dobson, Kellee Jenkins, Mark Esposito, Cassandra Savona, Colin Terry, Leo Rosero, Vanessa Melito, Colleen Bosco, Maggie Vinciguerra, Alicia Rosada, Margaret McMahan, Ellen Petrangelo, Annette DiGiancciello, Stacey Rissenbeck, Amy DeSoyza, Stephen Fletcher, Lynn Felczak (We had so many wonderful volunteers and have tried to list them all, please let us know if we missed anyone)

Thanks to the Custodial Staff: Donn Armstrong, Karen Lasher and Ron Lewis.