Book Awards

Hillside's Book Awards and 1000 Book Award Ceremony On Friday, June 6th, Hillside students at every grade level gathered in the Gym for a special "Celebrate Reading" assembly. A highlight of the Assembly was the presentation of awards by PTO volunteers Ellen Petrangelo and Aliza Mesbahi. Four exceptional Hillside students were recognized for reading 1000 books (or more) as part of Hillside's "Red Bag" 1000 Books program. Congratulations to Will S. (1st grade) Isabel I. (1st Grade), Aralyn R. (Kindergarten) and Finn C.(1st grade). The 1000 Book Program encourages early readers and contributes to a lifelong love for books. Click here to read more about the program.

Hillside also awarded medals of honor to books that were nominated and voted on by students at each grade level. The cheers were resounding as gold and silver medal recipients were announced by Mrs. Ubriaco. (a green bookmark was sent home listing all of the gold and silver medal books... summer reading list??)

The Assembly also included an inspiring presentation by professional storyteller Kate Dudding. Mrs. Dudding wove together several stories of youthful activism and public service united by the theme "If many little people, in many little places, do many little things. They can change the world".

The assembly ended with a jolt of high energy and enthusiasm as the children sang a song they learned in Music Class. Directed by Mrs. Sausa-Gatta, the "Library Song" was a wonderful ending to an assembly all about storytelling and reading. We are fortunate to have a music teacher who inspires so much participation and excitement!

Thanks to all of the teachers, administrators and staff who worked on the assembly. Many thanks to PTO volunteer Anne Skrebutenas and Mrs. Ubriaco for presenting Kate Dudding to the children and to Mrs. Ubriaco for organizing the very popular book award contest. Thanks to Mrs. Sausa-Gatta for the Library Song. We are also so thankful for the 1000 Book Program and PTO parent volunteers Aliza Mesbahi, Ellen Petrangelo and Jessica Ross who work on 1000 books all year-long.