Annual Pledge Drive

The 5rd Annual Pledge Drive is going on Now! 
Please participate in the Hillside PTO’s major fundraiser of the year.  Our goal is to collect donations from 100% of Hillside families.
  • Funds social and educational programs for our kids and families.
  • 100% of the proceeds benefit the school!
  • Contributions to Hillside Elementary School are tax deductible.
  • Donations of over $25 will be rewarded with a gift.
  • Employers can match contributions.  Double your money!!
  • Every Donation gets our "Thanks" regardless of the amount- donate $2 or $200 and help us meet our 100% participation goal!

The Hillside PTO is excited to announce the results of the 2013-14 Annual Pledge Drive!  As we have been reporting, the goal of the Annual Pledge Drive is to have 100%  of Hillside families participate.  Hillside families are encouraged to contribute in any amount to show their support for the PTO and to pay for important programs and services provided by PTO volunteers.

      This year, a special goal of the Pledge Drive was to raise the funds to purchase picnic tables and benches for the playground to go under the shade structure.  This effort was given a boost in September, when the Niskayuna Community Foundation approved the PTO's application for a grant and awarded $1000 in grant money to help pay for the benches and tables.  Please click here to see a list of all PTO programs and servicesClick here to learn more about the $1000 grant.

     Drumroll please....We are proud to report that 38% of Hillside families participated in the 2013-14 Pledge Drive and that Hillside families and friends contributed $5,271 to the Pledge Drive.  Donations from parents who work for companies with matching funds programs promise to raise the the total once all the paperwork is processed. 

Thanks to the financial support of our families, friends, and the Niskayuna Community Foundation, we are also ecstatic to report that we have met our special goal to fund the picnic tables and benches!

The PTO is extremely honored and humbled by the generous donations given during the pledge drive, just as we are honored and humbled by all of the volunteer hours that have selflessly been given to the PTO this year.   Thank you Hillside!

Did you miss the Pledge Drive?

If you did not participate in the Pledge Drive, but would like to contribute financial support to the Hillside PTO, we accept donations in any amount at any time.  Direct donations are tax deductible and can be put in the locked PTO mailbox in the entrance to the school (near the cafeteria) or mailed to the school,  attention PTO.

We appreciate all the support we get from our school community and think it is important to show thanks and say thank you.  That being said, if you do not want your contribution noted, please just let us know and we will honor your request for privacy.

More About The Hillside Elementary School PTO 2nd Annual Pledge Drive

The PTO’s main fundraiser is the 2nd Annual Pledge Drive.  Our goal this year is to collect donations from 100% of Hillside families.

The annual pledge drive was first instituted last year in response to requests from parents to dispense with catalog sales (kitchen gadgets, baked goods, and gourmet foods) in favor of direct giving.  One advantage of the annual pledge drive over the catalog sales, is that 100% of the proceeds benefit the school.  Another advantage is that it relieves families, extended families, and friends of the obligation to buy food products and items that, however useful, are only purchased to help out the school.  In addition, unlike contributions through catalog purchases, direct contributions to Hillside Elementary School are tax deductible.  Many Hillside families appreciate being able to deduct their generous contribution to our school at tax time. 

Another useful aspect of the pledge drive is the ability for the school to obtain matching gifts from employers.  Many employers recognize the value of investing in the institutions, causes, and charities that are important to their employees.  We are proud that local employers are willing to include Hillside in their gift matching program, and we encourage Hillside families to fill out information about their employers on the pledge form so that we can give businesses the opportunity to help Hillside by matching employee contributions.

This year, in addition to funding the PTO programs highlighted on this website (either in part or in full), the PTO has a special goal of purchasing picnic tables and benches for the playground and for beneath the new shade structure that will be installed this fall.  The PTO is very excited about the purchase and installation of the shade structure as it is the final chapter in a playground improvement project that began many years ago. 

The purchase of picnic tables and benches will provide the school with more opportunities to utilize outdoor spaces during the school day for education and recreation.  After school hours, our families will enjoy using the playground even more with places to sit (sunny and shady), and tables for snacking, drawing, or writing.

Please consider supporting our efforts to purchase benches and tables, and fund important social and educational programs run by the PTO.  We ask that parents, extended family members, and friends, contribute to the pledge drive using the 2013-14 Pledge Drive Form (click here).

As a special bonus donations of over $50 will be rewarded with an exclusive Hillside water bottle or car magnet!

**In the future, we hope to enable online contributions using PayPal and/or credit cards.  We do not have authorization to accept donations online for the 2013-14 Pledge Drive.