Family Fun Fair at B&N

     Hillside's Family Fun Fair at Barnes & Noble was a great success this year thanks to the efforts of so many members of our Hillside Community.  We are also grateful for the support we received from the management and staff at Barnes & Noble.
     Our community turned-out in large numbers for the art fair, the book fair,  and the literacy and arts related activities like poetry readings, a performance by the 5th grade chorus and orchestra, a workshop on making your own book with illustrator and parent Mark Esposito, a sports trivia contest incorporating books into the game, and so much more.
     As a fundraiser, the event was successful, and while we await the final numbers including the online sales, we are particularly proud of the NEW "wish book" program through which 37 new books were donated to Hillside classroom libraries and the Media Center.
     Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this event!



Thank You Volunteers!!

Gillian Dessis-Dineen,                    Leigh Bates               Jacquie Gallo
Maggie Vinciguerra                       Jill Connell                Mary Schmidt
Sarah Spindler                           Tammy Mills               Lisa LaVigne
Cassandra Savona                       Kimberly Kausic           Dimple Permaul
David and Jennifer Szpila

(special thanks to David Mercier for many of the photos seen on this page)